1947 Colin E. Unsworth, Jr. establishes the company.

1961 Branch office/terminal opened in Rotterdam, the first American freight forwarding company to operate in Europe.

1965 Branch office/terminal opened adjacent to JFK Airport.

1976 Established "Skyhook", a company devoted to using a helium filled balloon and winch system to unload vessels offshore.

1980 Paul Q. Unsworth (founder's son) joins company.

1980 Colin Unsworth elected to Board of Governers of New York Foreign Freight Forwarders and Brokers Association.

1982 Colin Unsworth Elected Vice President of New York Association.

1983 NVOCC operations commence.

1984 Colin Unsworth elected President of New York Foreign Freight Forwarders and Brokers Association.

1986 UTi Chile established together with Guillermo Baechler as managing director.

1987 Paul Unsworth elected Vice-President of the company.

1987 Joint partnership established with Translink, Dublin to operate sea and air groupage service to Ireland.

1988 Joint venture company formed with International Cargo Control (ICC) in Australia together with other long time Australian associates.

1991 UTi Rotterdam restructured. Jim Ernst, Nick van Zanten and Tom Ong joined the company as partners. Together with partner Marc van Gogh and Paul Unsworth, resulting merger, created an organization capable of servicing every aspect of international trade.

1992 Inauguration of Beirut consolidated container/air service in conjunction with Michel Sehnaoui & Sons SAL

1992 UTi Rotterdam purchases 1,858 square meters office/freight terminal in Rotterdam as a European distribution center.

1993 Paul Unsworth elected President of North American Alliance Association (NAAA).

1994 Consolidated container service to Saudia Arabia is inaugerated.

1994 Paul Unsworth elected Vice President of FIATA. He is the second American to become an officer of this prestigious worldwide freight forwarding organization.

1995 Paul Unsworth elected President of the company. Colin Unsworth becomes Board Chairman.

1996 Unsworth Industrial Products (UIP), division was formed to assist foreign clients to obtain needed products.

1997 UIP introduces ocean container repair kit at INTERMODAL '97 in Atlanta, Georgia.

1997 The company celebrates 50 years of operation.

1997 Joint venture company is formed in Manchester, England, UTi Warehouse & Distribution (UK) Ltd.

1998 UTi Rotterdam outgrows office/warehouse and acquires a new facility of 6,000 square meters of warehouse, plus 300 square meters of office space to accommodate ever-increasing traffic.

1999 UIP obtains TIR certification from the American Bureau of shipping (ABS) to use their container repair kit for permanent repair of ocean containers.

2000 The Freight Club names the company as representative and member.

2000 Domestic Container Transport Service is inaugurated.

2000 Cargo Inspection Service is inaugerated.

2001 The USA corporation is restructured.

2002 Agency agreement is signed with Britannia Cargo Services, Ltd. of Manchester UK.

2003 Agency agreement is signed with Overseas Clearing Cargo (I) Pvt. Ltd. of Mumbai, India.